Merlin CT1250 Gas Interlock Panel




The Merlin CT1250 ventilation interlock system, with built in current monitoring, is designed specifically for use in commercial kitchens to meet AS/NZS 5601:2013. 

The Merlin CT1250 acts as an interlock between the ventilation system and the gas solenoid valve ensuring the ventilation is working before gas is introduced. 

AS-NZS 5601.2013 

Where the required air supply relies on a mechanical system, the gas installation shall include a suitable interlock to prevent the operation of the gas appliance if the mechanical air supply system fails.

Please note if any gas appliances does not have Flame Failure Devices (FFD's) fitted, its recommended to install our gas proving system the Merlin 2000S.

CT1250 Features

• To be used when all appliances have flame failure devices
• 2 built in current monitors can be easily adjusted to the user’s requirements
• Reliable method of interlock, with no moving parts there’s little to go wrong
• BMS Terminals Normally Closed or Normally open and common.
• Will accept remote emergency knock-off buttons.
• Can monitor 2 fans with running currents between 0.1A – 20A.
• Clear LED display for system indications
• Can be used when pressure differential switches cannot be used e.g. wall-mounted fans
• Straightforward to install and calibrate. The CT1250 can be easily adjusted to the user’s requirements
• Easy installation


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CT1250 GAS INTERLOCK KIT                              

1x Merlin CT1250

2x Pressure Differential Switches

1x Remote Emergency Shut Off Button


19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm DIA      


CT1250 Brochure

CT1250 Technical Product Data Sheet

CT1250 Wiring Diagram

CT1250 BIM

Bianco Solenoid Valve Data Sheet                        

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