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1200mm Long Kitchenhood Fan & Speed Controller

SKU: FAN1200
1200mm Long Kitchenhood  Fan & Speed Controller

This roof mounted kitchen exhaust fan is suitable for a AS1668.2-2002 or 2012 designed commercial kitchen hood hood with the maximum outside hood measurements of 1200mm(W) x 1100(D) x700mm(H).

The kitchen exhaust airflow this fan can achieve is based on Type 1,2,3,4 cooking equipment with a maximum length of 900mm so it stays within 150mm of the outside perimeter of the kitchenhood. Also it is based on the kitchenhood being mounted at 2000-2100mm above the finished floor level and being mounted on a sidewall with two open ends. Achieving theminimum required kitchen exhaust airflow is based on a small vertical run of solid 350mm dia glavanised kitchen exhaust duct as a minimum duct size and not exceeding 4 metres in length without bends. 

If your kitchen exhaust duct layout requires a number of bends and or exceeds 4 metres in length to reach the roof from the kitchen exhaust canopy when using a1200mm hood then you will need to go up to FAN 1800 which will be suitable to deliver the airflow required for a 1200mm hood with a duct layout consisting of two to three 90 degree bends and up to 8 metres of solid galvanised kitchen exhaust ducting with a minimum duct size of 400mm dia.    



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